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Catering to the vision of Gulf Union Food(GUF), where it intends to bring about innovation in the world of food production and supporting its mission of continuous improvement of techniques & machinery, Obeikan Digital Solutions (ODS), powered by GE Digital
assist Gulf Union Food towards a digital transformation journey.

ODS contributed to the mission of Gulf Union Food by offering its Obeikan Digital Productivity Model (ODPM) powered by GE Digital.
ODPM comprises of the modules Obeikan Manufacturing Excellence (OME), Brilliant Manufacturing System (BMS), Data Science Efficiency & Auto Pilot Models and Machines Connectivity.

OME enabled Gulf Union Food to become a high-performance organization (HPO), achieving competitive advantage by raising machine efficiency up to 30 % and productivity 20 % , and minimizing total delivery cost (TDC) up to 10 %. OME also helped to develop a best practice approach to systematically achieve and sustain business results, while bringing
about continuous improvement in the organization.

The Brilliant Manufacturing System (BMS) also played an essential role in the digital transformation of manufacturing business by connecting to GUF plant machines and retrieving data insights and intelligence,
using machine learning and predictive analytics and thereby ensuring a significant improvement in unplanned downtime, better utilization of
existing assets, and better performance for all OEE elements: Availability, Performance, and Quality

The Data Science models & connectivity offerings gave insight into plant machines & processes with a clear visibility into the ongoing processes & provides the ability to track and pinpoint any forthcoming issues before
they grow big and cause a loss in overall equipment efficiency, OEE.

Obeikan Digital Productivity Model, in short, created a self-improving manufacturing ecosystem that allowed all facets of manufacturing and supply chain to achieve higher productivity levels. The digitalization
journey being offered by ODS is divided into two stages, one involving OME & the other involving BMS.

The same use case has been implemented successfully in Obeikan Rigid Plastic and Chin Lait, Algeria.

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