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Saned Utilities turns data from your manufacturing assets , into a goldmine of performance improvement insights.

About Saned Utilities

Saned Utilities offers a variety of solutions so that you rest assured that your equipment’s performance will always be at its best. Our cloud-based, real-time monitoring solution can listen to your equipment and help you proactively take decisions to optimize performance and energy efficiency. You can also work with our AI and IoT based solutions to take operational performance that extra step further. Saned Utilities can help with the simplest to the most complex of operations.
how does it work?
Saned Utilities detects faults and schedules preventative maintenance through continuous commissioning and advanced predictive analytics and fault detection, among a variety of other key features for a variety of purposes.

Saned Utilities.
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The assets on the factory floor are the workhorses of a manufacturing business, but are you listening to what they’re telling you as they work?

To succeed in manufacturing today, you can’t afford not to listen to what your assets say. Assets speak with data, generating gigabytes of information as they run. These data are a goldmine of insights that can improve capacity utilization, process quality, uptime, asset life and ultimately profitability.

saned utilities is the app that turns data generated by an entire ecosystem of networked assets into actionable information. With saned utilities, data from equipment with different operating languages and protocols are aggregated through an Internet of Things (IoT) gateway for organizing and pre-processing, and then fed into a cloud-based open IoT operating system for customized data-based analysis, alerts, decision-making and performance improvement.

Saned Utilities Solutions

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Remote Smart Monitoring Solution

Our smart remote monitoring solution can listen to your equipment and help you proactively take decisions to optimize performance, increase efficiency and ensure smooth-running operations.

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AI and IoT Solution

We offer solutions that leverage IoT and AI technology in order to proactively optimize operational performance. These advanced technologies can go above and beyond to ensure smooth running monitoring of even the most complex operations.


Product Customization & Development

We offer product customization & development, giving you the possibility to demand & customize your products, exactly as you want.

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