O3 Liquid Packaging vertical


Elopak sought to reduce its workforce and improve productivity, whilst ensuring performance
levels did not deteriorate.
Furthermore, they faced increased customer complaints in regard to quality and delivery schedule


ODS deployed O3 Lean Apps to rollout, digitalize and standardize Autonomous and Predictive Maintenance (AM, PM) Safety, Quality & Production processes across the plant

O3 Production- to optimize the output of plant equipment, personnel, and materials. As well as to identify and improve areas of operational inefficiency within the plant.

O3 AM- to save time & improve effectiveness by recording machine defects and making them visible, tracking the progress of defect solving, creating opportunities for machine
basic condition restoration and tracking the execution of the clean, inspect and lubricate
(CIL) tasks.

O3 Puality- to track and control the process parameters, execute all the quality checks
with a paperless process, and record non-conformities and complaints in one platform.


Elopak were able to improve KPI results while bolstering productivity with a
reduced workforce

Overall equipment effectiveness
(OEE) improved by 7%

Cost savings improved by 21%

Customer complaints
reduced by 35%

Improved delivery performance
(OTIF) improved to 98%

Waste reduced to 5.8% from 6.5%

Number of accidents cut
from 14 to 4

Flexible Industrial Automation