Increased shop Foor performance or Obeikan Rigid Plastic

Increased shop Foor performance
or Obeikan Rigid Plastic

Obeikan Rigid Plastic (ORP) faced challenging business environment due to increasing delivery costs. They struggled with unplanned downtime and unable to identify root causes accurately. Downtimes were difficult to predict or foresee and their mitigation often required the machines to be shut down for long periods before the right fix could be found. To achieve the right results, ORP needed to reduce downtime, waste, decrease delivery cost and increase on time delivery, quality and improve upon its OEE. ORP also needed to streamline its operational & production processes and required an end to end integrate able solution, from ERP to the shop floor.

ODS performed a thorough assessment of the operating environment and deployed the following solutions to help ORP achieve the desired results

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    • IOT connectivity and monitoring of its utilities and machines – chillers, compressors and steamers.
    This provided visibility into key parameters at each stage of utility operations. Power consumption,
    vibration monitoring, oil quality, air pressure, ambient temperature and dew point were monitored
    & tracked .
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    Deployed advanced analytics to identify key process parameters and their effect on quality metrics
    for all the machines and the utilities
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    • Provided operators with early warnings into impending breakdowns, to ensure timely corrective actions and reduce unplanned downtime
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    Optimize team working after saturation assessment and remedial measures

ORP has leveraged on the solution and insights provided by ODS and is better able to identify any
critical deviation in parameters and resolve them proactively.

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    Reduced unplanned downtime by 21%
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    Cut waste by 6%
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    CCRs reduced by 60%
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    Improved On Time In Full (OTIF) to 95%

Increased shop floor performance or Obeikan Rigid Plastic