Obeikan Digital helps manufacturing companies achieve operational excellence with performance improvement , Digital Products and productivity-enhancing apps.

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The embrace of smart technology has radically enhanced productivity and agility across Obeikan’s business units. Since beginning our digitalization drive, we’ve improved our productivity and quality control and reduced costs. And most importantly, we’ve escalated our competitiveness and ability to innovate.

Before, we were order-takers. Today we’re productivity-makers, helping other manufacturers achieve similar game-changing results.

Obeikan’s Digital Solutions include case-tailored  Digital Solution products and industrial apps for logistics, utility reliability, spare part management, organizational optimization and audit management, with more being developed

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Our subject matter expertise together with our digitalization partnerships with global leaders like GE and Siemens give our customers access to leading-edge, tried and tested digital technology. Our solutions enable the development of innovative practices that add significant value to our customers’ operations.

Obeikan’s apps exist to fill in the gaps of your business vision—gaps that create pain points for your business.  Our apps are designed to answer questions like:

  • Are our delivery routes planned in the most cost- and time-effective way?
  • Are we tying up more working capital than we need to on spare parts?
  • Can we count on this production line to stay up all week?