ODS showcased Saudi innovations at Hannover Messe 2024 with a standout digital presence

In the framework of promoting national pride and showcasing the tremendous development of the industrial and digital sectors, as well as supporting local technological innovations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and amid the exceptional visit of His Excellency the Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Bandar bin Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al Kharif, Obiekan Digital Solutions participated in Hannover Messe 2024, one of the most prominent global exhibitions in the field of industrial technology, that gathered during this year’s edition around 6,500 exhibitors and products and recorded more than 200,000 visitors.

Through this participation, Obeikan showcased more than 20 Saudi products in the fields of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things under the slogan “Saudi Industry”, amidst the presence of specialists in the digital landscape.

Obeikan’s engagement in this prestigious exhibition reflected the tremendous development in the company’s digital capabilities that align with the growing interest in innovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as Obeikan’s solutions contribute to enhancing the performance and improving the productivity of various industrial sectors to keep pace with and accelerate the digital transformation that is witnessed globally.

Speaking of the fruitful outcomes, ODS managed to generate around 40 potential partners and 20 potential leads from their contribution in Hannover Messe 2024, along with possibilities to establish ten fruitful partnerships across diverse platforms such as O3, SANED, NAWRAS, and MADAR.

In conclusion, Obeikan expressed its pride in participating in this pioneering event, that highlighted national innovations and achievements in several fields. The company reaffirms its dedicated commitment to providing high-quality digital products that meet the needs of the global markets and comply with the latest international quality standards, thereby enhancing Saudi Arabia’s position as a leading country in the field of technology and innovation.

About Obeikan Digital Solutions

Launched in 2017, Obeikan Digital Solutions (ODS) helps manufacturers and enterprises to achieve operational excellence with productivity-enhancing applications, and performance improvement consultancy. ODS grants its customers access to leading-edge, tried and tested digital technologies that add significant value to their operations.

ODS is a subsidiary of Obeikan Investment Group (OIG) founded in 1982 with headquarters in Riyadh – Saudi. The company has strong foothold in manufacturing, leading provider of fully integrated packaging solutions in MENA region, with a growing focus on digital transformation providing B2B, B2C and B2G business and industrial solutions.

Obeikan Digital Solutions operates with the goal of offering the best-in-class technologies to the business sector, supporting their digital transformation strategies. Today, Obeikan offers 20+ products in 3 key business areas, namely manufacturing, enterprises and supply chain. Obeikan Digital Solutions has created six different marketplace apps covering a broad expanse of strategic business functions within any organization: “Shamel”, “Madar”, “Saned”, “O3 Smart Manufacturing Platform”, “Hodhod” and “Saned Utilities”.

Obeikan Digital Solutions strives to be the “Business Partner of Choice” in digital transformation; serving educational and industrial sectors as well as enterprises and human capital management (HCM). Banking on the conglomerate’s 40+ years of experience, ODS is exporting the decades-long know-how coupled with the cutting-edge digital solutions and the product of its R&D investments in order to support organizational digital transformation.


About Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe is a leading industrial event showcasing the latest solutions for the entire manufacturing value chain, from industrial production to logistics services and industrial energy systems. With a focus on Industry 4.0, exhibitors at the Hannover Messe attract over 200,000 participants from diverse sectors including manufacturing, capital goods, mechanical engineering, automotive, and more. Manufacturers looking to upgrade their production come to the Hannover Messe to find the latest solutions, learn from industry best practices, and gain insights into upcoming trends that will help them make informed decisions on meeting their current and future needs.