Navigating a year of digital brilliances on ODS anniversary

As we celebrate Obeikan Digital Solution Egypt’s office anniversary, it’s a moment of reflection and pride to recap the remarkable achievements of the past year. Over this period, our team has demonstrated unwavering dedication, achieving milestones that stand as a demonstration to our commitment and hard work. From establishing a strong presence to making significant strides in the digital landscape and fostering valuable collaborations, our journey has been defined by innovation, growth, and impactful accomplishments.

ODS initiated key MOU collaborations and partnerships with industry leaders during the past year, enhancing its network and establishing a foundation for future digital endeavours, the prominent events were as follows:

Visionary step in the 4th industrial revolution with IMC

Obeikan Group has entered into a pivotal memorandum of understanding with the Industrial Modernisation Centre (IMC) to advance digital transformation and align with the fourth industrial revolution. This strategic move aims to steer Egypt’s industrial sector towards embracing cutting-edge solutions and innovative technologies, fostering economic growth, and enhancing competitive advantages.



Empowered startups via impactful journey with AAST

Obeikan Digital Solutions (ODS) has committed to fostering innovation and supporting startups through a partnership with AAST, achieving remarkable success. Notably, ODS fully sponsored the Rally Accelerate Competition, providing mentorship to 60 startups in IT and supply chain management, refining strategies for market competition.

Active participation in the judging panel, leveraging industrial and digital expertise, led to the selection of 10 standout startups. To further solidify support, ODS welcomed these winners to its headquarters, presenting insights into manufacturing capacities and showcasing cutting-edge digital solutions. Through mentorship, exposure, and access to digital tools, ODS significantly contributed to startups’ journeys, ensuring a robust start in their respective industries. 

ODS & CIT forged path to Manutech initiative 

Obeikan Digital Solutions has taken a significant leap towards Egypt’s 2030 digital vision by entering into a strategic partnership via signed MOU with the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (CIT)., aimed to drive unified efforts in bolstering the local technological manufacturing system, utilizing the innovative “Manutech” initiative. Beyond enhancing local manufacturing, the partnership seeks to foster integration between scientific research and industry needs, amplifying innovation and fortifying the local technological landscape. 


ODS & Al-Amal Al-Sharif shape the future of plastic manufacturing 


In the pursuit of empowering the future of plastic pipes manufacturing, Obeikan Digital Solutions partnered with Al-Amal Al-Sharif Plastics Company. Leveraging 40 years of expertise, Obeikan introduces cutting-edge solutions like O3 Smart Manufacturing, Hodhod for Health & Safety, and Nawras for Human Capital Management to enhance efficiency and productivity. This collaboration signifies a commitment to digital transformation, fostering regional leadership in the plastics industry.  

By reflecting on our past year, we eagerly anticipate and embrace the future with optimism and enthusiasm for continued journey of innovation, fruitful collaborations, and digital excellence in the years ahead.