Madar is proudly in a fruitful partnership with the substantial petroleum leader Saudi Aramco

Key points: Cost Efficiency – Production optimization – Environment Conservation4 

In the sphere of streamlining the logistics operations of the esteemed global company Saudi Aramco via digitalized solutions which will also contribute to boosting the conservation of the environment. A strategic agreement has been tied up between the renowned company and Obeikan Digital solutions. 

The integrated digital solutions fall under the purview of the specialized features of ODS logistics management platform, Madar. The context of this partnership hovers precisely around optimizing many aspects for Aramco including operations efficiency, cost control, and ecological stability as well. 

Speaking of the cost benefits, the merge of the tracking systems is projected to cut down the transportation costs as it will help in reducing the distances that all trucks needlessly travel.  

If we shed light on the operational scene, interweaving the smart reports solutions provided by “Madar Platform” will underpin productivity growth via the integration of multiple shipments into a single process. 

Meanwhile ecologically, the partnership is aimed to adopt green environmental approaches by best utilizing the resources in a way that will reduce paperwork usage as much as possible and the carbon emissions associated with truck travel. 

About Madar 

Madar is a fully integrated logistical arm and a market leader in digital solutions. The Madar Platform offers digital solutions that covers all logistical needs such as the Transport Authority’s Bayan, Alam’s Muqeem and other digital services. 

About Obeikan Digital Solution 

Obeikan Digital Solutions help manufacturing companies achieve operational excellence through digital services that help improve performance and productivity. Since the beginning of progression towards digitization, the company has improved oversight, governance, quality, cost reduction and, most importantly the rise of its competitiveness and innovation capabilities. 

Obeikan Digital Solutions include services tailored to the customer’s need and lots of specialized applications in industrial operations and logistics, utility reliability, spare parts inventory management, regulatory improvement, and audit management, with other solutions being developed. 

About Saudi Aramco 

One of the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals companies, creating value across the hydrocarbon chain, and delivering societal and economic benefits to people and communities around the globe who rely on the vital energy we supply. 

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