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The embrace of smart technology has radically enhanced productivity and agility across Obeikan’s business units. Since beginning our digitalization drive, we’ve improved our productivity and quality control and reduced costs. And most importantly, we’ve escalated our competitiveness and ability to innovate.

Before, we were order-takers. Today we’re productivity-makers, helping other manufacturers achieve similar game-changing results.

Obeikan’s Digital Solutions include case-tailored Digital Solution products and industrial apps for logistics, utility reliability, spare part management, organizational optimization and audit management, with more being developed.

Obeikan Digital Solutions

Journey to Digitalization

Define operational excellence in measurable terms

Understand your cost drivers—both the obvious and the hidden

Nurture a business culture that seeks self-improvement, and get universal buy-in

And digitalize everything that can add value.

Obeikan Digital Products

Cloud-based process automation platform, designed to digitize HR and finance functions in a seamless user experience

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Digital fleet provider and transportation management platform.

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Cloud-based platform for manufacturing operations end to end.

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Digital end to end solution for safety environment, fire protection and security

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Industrial marketplace to trade full range of industrial spare parts.

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Cloud-based solution that provides analytics and predictions to optimize industrial assets and equipment.

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Transforming employee management, development and engagement

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